Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blogging on Blogger

I have been slowly getting to grips with the blogger site. I am currently a regular blogger on RMweb and also add frequent updates to several Model Railway forums.

I have been toying with the idea of centralizing my internet activities and have tried doing this via a website (here) but a website is quite a static thing in many ways, Its more of a history than a current an up to date journal of exploits.

I have no plans to stop participating in forums, but I am mindful that in many cases I run the risk of boring the same people in different places. My thoughts are to post my most frequent updates here with more forum specific posts being made as and when.

If you have taken the time to come here via one of the forums and have an interest in RJRs garden and shed adventures, please add this blog to your bookmarks and visit often.

I have found it has taken a bot of time to get used to Blogger and wanted to ensure there was some content before advertising I was here. To the top right of the page there are links to static pages within the blog, which are a bit like webpages I guess. Below them there is a history of blog posts organised by date.

I have set permissions to allow comments by non Blogger members, it just means you will have to include your name or forum nickname in comments or you will be know as "anonymous" Overtime if spam comments become a problem I may have to review the permissions.

Thanks for visiting, please come back often for fun with railways from N to G

1 comment:

Roy Buchanan said...

Nice site, John. Easy to navigate.

Roy (Grampy)


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