Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Elusive Ideas

Not that I have much free time this week but if I did I would be trying to find the "right" layout for the N gauge track on the left of the shed.

My original thoughts were to bring the double track to the front of the board then fold them round to the back into a loop that was slightly lower, hence hidden. I want them to be hidden as the radius will be tight and the long bodies of the DMUs will look wrong.

It soon became obvious when laying the track on the other side, under the G scale layout,  that a loop of track takes up more space than I expected. So my plans for the left were not to be.

My current thought is to split the double track and create a figure of 8, taking the rear track to the back then swinging it forward over the front track and joining the two to create a loop. This would give a bit of variation in track height, the higher track bridging the lower one would help hide how tight the rad of it is and the loop at the end could be hid in fir trees.

This is all hard to describe but its pretty muddled in my head too... No doubt during the next couple of days I will have a Eureka moment ...... I hope :)

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