Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Foam hills

Im in mid progress making foam hills for the N gauge, I find its very quick, pretty cheap and simple to do.

In this case I have used B&Qs own brand 750ml aerosol for £7.98

I didn't take pictures of the spraying, the only important thing is to invert the can when spraying.

This is a picture taken about 45mins after spraying.


At this point the foam has nearly set but has a lot of air inside the still tacky inside. By poking a few holes in the skin a lot of the air can be squashed out to give a better look.


And here is a video of the foam being moulded.

Its not critical to get an exact contour as I will be covering it all with mortar or plaster.


1 comment:

doug said...

Good vid John, quite effective results. Good to see how pliable the foam is before it sets hard.



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