Wednesday, 14 April 2010

In the begining

Well this could be the start of something beautiful or just one of life's hikes into no where.
Prompted by the realisation you sometimes need a place of your own I plan to start keeping my model making blog here. At first it may well be in tandem with the blog I keep on RMweb but depending on hits one or the other may cease.

If like me this is your first visit here, its only fair to tell you what to expect. Pictures ... Videos... And very frequent updates of what happens on my workbench :)

While I get sorted with what I'm going to put here and in what format why not pop in to my website.


Till the next time



Ruth said...

This new blog is very good, keep up the good work in the shed and online. Love you daddy xx

John Cumisky said...

I have to say, I have absolutely no interest in modelling, and landed here after following a link from a comment you made in a discussion thread of Flickr, I do like old trains, though it isn't a passion.
That said, I have just read the blog in it's entirety and am very impressed by what you have done.
If I didn't live in a Tiny Parisian apartment I may have been tempted to try some modelling myself!

RJR said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment John


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