Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Further thoughts and a plan

Yesterday I doodled in my head but it may not have been clear in words. Didn't get home from work till about 9pm last night so no model time but I did have a few thoughts during the day that I have converted to a google sketch up plan this morning.

As I attempted to describe yesterday the twin line over the large viaduct will enter on what is at the right of the picture above, split and create a figure of eight. tring to keep a bit of a Scottish, northern feel There will be a pine tree forrest to disguise the back of the loop and perhaps marshy land at the front.

It either that or a station type plan that has been suggested on CRM by Bob 
(image his copyright)


In this version the twin track appears to split at a junction but in reality the inner track of both routes is a dummy so are the points, this is because there is not enough space to create a complete inner loop in a reasonable radius of track.

I have to say both ideas have there merits but I am currently favouring the first all scenery open space look.. 

Thoughts welcome


Roy Buchanan said...

Open space is good, John. You could put a small station set out in the middle of nowhere to emphasixe the lonely aspect of the area. The photo contest this month gave me this idea, No matter what you decide, it'll look good.


RJR said...

Thanks for taking the time to share an opinion Roy, I must say the open look is winning for me too.

doug said...

Hi John, I favour the open plan style too. I think it will look better and you will see the train coming in both directions and that would make it seem more like two seperate lines crossing each other.

Doug. GWRman.


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