Sunday, 2 May 2010

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Sundays are always busy at the RJR home, when you combine church services in the morning with cooking a traditional Sunday Roast, and general family time, I'm lucky if I escape to the shed for an hour. But escape I did, so here are the results which are a combination of an hour last night and an hour tonight.

The yesterday bit was mainly squirting a can of expanding foam and ballasting some of the lower section of track.

The today bit was picking off the stray bits of ballast from off the sleepers and beginning to carve the large foam mound that will disguise the tight return loop (I hope)

I'm quite happy with the ballast banking on this lower section as the empty space in front of the tracks I envisage being open moorland. 

The mortar in the shot above has been given a very light dusting of Railmatch "frame dirt" on the vertical faces just to add some contrast as the mortar dries a uniform colour.

When you use this much foam at once it does end up looking like you have a resident mouse when its cut open, but the off cuts can be stuck in the holes and they wont be seen when the mortar top coat goes on. Unless of coarse you fancy a cave !

To end, just a quick thank you to everyone who has taken the time to follow along, Amazingly the blog had its 1000th hit today in the two weeks its been live. Please add a bookmark and keep coming back, as long as people want to view Ill keep posting, ideas and suggestions are always welcome too.


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