Saturday, 1 May 2010

G scale in the sun.

Today I have learnt something about what aspects of Model Railways I like and dislike....

One of my morning household chores was mowing the lawn at the front and back of the house. It's not a massive job and both can be done within an hour. The time consuming part is brushing the cut grass of the track (My flymo doesn't pick up)

As I was brushing away I found myself thinking "is this worth the hassle for the amount I run the garden trains" While thinking it occurred to me I'm not really into controlling trains, thats why I have recently started building the N gauge tail chaser!

A typical garden session is 30mins, then I get bored. So I decided on a radical plan. I decided to cut the receiver and control circuits out of one of the motor blocks and soldered the motor direct to the battery connectors. Now its battery in GO, battery out STOP.

Any different YES, Ive had a train running round the garden all afternoon in the sun ! 
I just set it off and got on with garden jobs, and life in general. It was nice to wander in the garden and see a train pass by. The rest of the family even liked the gentle noise of a passing train and a distraction to watch.

So I've decided, I love building models, and watching passing trains, but Im not into shunting. No more shunting type layouts for me.

Oh and I like playing with my camera, caught some of the action while I ate my lunch :)



doug said...

Hi John, very nice. Question, how do the points change when the train goes around the loop?? By hand or automatic??


RJR said...

The points only have one blade that moves, and this is free moving so the train can move it. When a train goes through from either diverging track it basically pushes the blade to allow it though. This means if it goes through from the spur it will leave the blade in such away that on its return it will go back down the spur.
Consequently every trip round the loop is the opposite rotation than previous. Hope that makes sense.

shep said...

Hi John
Looking good mate.


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