Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Spring must be here, the grass is growing under my feet ! Well under my fingers anyway !

The picture above is a composite of several merged together using Helicon Focus, as per previous post,to get a decent depth of focus. 
The grass is Woodland Scenics turf with some coarser stuff added on top, 
Done by painting PVA/water onto the hillside then sprinkling the flock on top.


I'm quite happy with how it is turning out, my biggest concern now is, I prefer this to my hanging basket liner on the hills over the viaduct. It looked fine for the bigger scales that use to cross the valley but is too coarse now. So I may have to see if I can peel it of but I bet I will have to re-render the rocks cos I bet it will rip off!

Looking at the pictures the other thing that need doing is weathering the ballast, which looks far to clean at the minute.

My only other dilemma WHO to VOTE for tomorrow ?! 

1 comment:

doug said...

I like it. I think your right about the basket liner, it would appear to be out of scale and the ballast will look much better after some toning down.

I'm sorry but I can't help you with your other problem. You will have to go with your own concience on that one.



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