Saturday, 15 May 2010

Major rework in the garden department !

For some time my girls have been after a trampoline, of course girls being girls, a 6' trampoline wouldn't be big enough, neither would an 8' one, no they were hanging out for a 10' beast !!

We have had discussion after discussion about were it would go, I didn't want it at the house end of the garden as it would block out the entire view from the window. The girls always brought the discussion back to the bottom end of the garden. One problem...


The most scenic section of the garden railway, the return loop. So after private discussions with the domestic planning authority, a plan was hatched to move the loop leaving just a single track passing under the proposed trampoline (they stand on legs about 3' up) A trampoline was duly ordered last week, in secret. So today I have been re working the track on a Network Rail style proportion. The girls don't know about the new arrival, they have been out all day and when they went I told them I was digging a pond... If looks could kill. Of course the secret may be out as the youngest is an enlisted follower of this blog..

The rework. 

The red circle shows the trampolines resting place and the empty ground where the rockery and return loop were.

The loop has been removed leaving only the front section of it along the edge of the grass, Point work removed and the line now continues on the left of the pictures along the flagstones. In effect the railway goes under and out off the space under the trampoline between the rocks on either side.


The track on the flags is ballasted with my favourite, fine grade postcrete, boy it sets quick !
At the house end of the path the now smaller return loop is in place

As can be seen I am missing a few lengths of track but they have been ordered this afternoon.

The rockery although smaller has been re-sited in and around the shed end loop, note the pair of straight sidings have gone as part of the planning permission compromise,plus  I needed the straights !

All in all a busy day, 


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