Saturday, 22 May 2010

Track repairs

It could have been me or one of my helpers but during the installation of the 10' trampoline a foot must ahve been a but heavy on the track. Trains still ran but I wanted the camber a little better. Plus pointing man was not impressed !

First step was to dig out under the track, step 2 alter camber in this case a stone was wedged in. Step 3 back fill with some fresh "postcrete"

Easy when you have a mini digger to hand !



A bit further up the line the small weeds are taking control nicely


Still waiting for the extra track to complete the circuit though !


chicofrank said...

Your guitar playing on the video is very restful after mowing the grass on a very hot day on my ride on mower with views of the Pyrenees here in south west France

RJR said...

Just so as not to take any credit when its not due, the music is a YouTube provided audio swap, wish I could play mind !! Its been hot hear to but can't quite see the Pyrenees :)

Nevardmedia said...

Now we have a decent garden I'm rather attracted to what you're doing here. 32mm gauge? I want one! Nicely shot too!

doug said...

Nice piece of music John and good to see you back in the garden. Lets hope this weather lasts beyond Tuesday. Doug.

RJR said...

Well said Doug, more than a couple of days of summer would be VERY nice.

Mr Nevard, its 45mm, trying to work at 1:24 mainly because its easy on the brain, 1mm = 1" :)

Its also a cheap method of G too, as everything is based on Playmobil bought of ebay, including the track.


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