Wednesday, 9 June 2010

25 with sound

Last night went well on the modelling front. I have been hatching a plan to add sound to the 25 but have been waiting for permission for copyright before progressing.

After searching Youtube I found a suitable clip of a 25 in action, and with kind permission from its owner have now converted the video file into an Mp3 sound only file. By using an old pair of mp3 speakers and an mp3 player that was "sleeping in the bottom of a draw unloved, I now have a sound local for no cost, and if I get bored with the 25 thrash I can alway use the loco as a mp3 music player :)

The donor film

The model

Model wise I have done some more work on the roof, the observant may also notice I have taken the plunge and cut the battery holder off the motor block, making it fit inside the bogey frames. A new battery holder has now been located in the fuel tank along with an on/off switch.






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