Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Work on the 25 continues

Okay chaps, here is tonight's update. The other end now is at the same stage. I have added steps to the bogies and the starts of the buffer beams are taking shape.

In these pictures I have clamped the side piece on to help visualise where I am going.





Looking at the pictures I realise I have marked out the grilles wrong at both ends they need making a bit bigger to take them up to the top of the cab window line.

I realise at this point, some compromises are going to have to be made. For example I am going to have to mount the fuel tanks central rather than off set to one end due to the constraints / size of the playmo blocks, They are oriented to have the battery holders inboard. Although I have just this second realised that one is a dummy so needs no batteries, this may be able to be shortened at the fuel tank end ?? Will have to check that out.

Things may slow down now as I struggle to work out the best way measure and mark out the roof cross section.


Trainspotter-USA said...

This is awesome John.
I am following with great interest.

ChrisM said...

Looking good John!


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