Thursday, 15 July 2010

Stavros S Niarchos

My blog entry on the 6th of this month told of how my eldest daughter set sail from Newcastle as part of the crew of a Tall Ship. After 12 days of travelling, which included a stops in Holland and Ipswich and several days in the middle of the North Sea, she has now returned.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we drove down to London to collect her, The ship sailed up the River Thames and under Tower Bridge which was quite a sight, especially as they had the youth crew climb up into the rigging. Once under Tower Bridge they moored against HMS Belfast for the night. As parents we had a tour of the ship which was accessed from HMS Belfast, then we left them for the evening for their final evening which included some shore leave, then a last night sleeping on board.

Joanne and I stayed down the river in Greenwich so made use of the VERY fast Clipper water bus service.

Some sections of the ride were faster than other and the drivers had an unusual style of not slowing for stops until the last minute then slamming into reverse, a bit white knuckle :)

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