Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Early this morning we had visits from sheds in both freightliner and EWS liveries. With the apartments being right next to lostwithiel station on the mainline there is also a fair amount of passanger traffic during the day time.

Pictures show the apartments which have been reworked from former Brunel designed rolling stock buildings. From both the track and river sides the roof vents can be seen.

Also a picture of a couple of afternoon visitors.

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Keith (Lostwithiel Cornwall) said...

Hi there,

I just found your website by playing around with Google searches for “Lostwithiel.” Hope you had a good holiday here last year. I wonder if you realised how close you would be to the railway line when you booked your holiday apartment in Brunel Quays?



RJR said...

Thanks for visiting Keith. We had a great holiday thank you. No we didn't realise just how up close and personal the railway was, but more to the point we didn't fully understand it was a VERY busy mainline !!! The day time trains were fun but the early morning freight led by a class 66 was a bit too early !
The only thing the kids didn't like was a very poor mobile phone signal in the area, which limit ther facebook life :) being townies we are used to full strength signal everywhere.


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