Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Handrails for the class 20

I've been trying to decide on the best (read cheapest) way of making handrails with brackets, and finally settled on plastic rod.

Start with several short and long lengths

Then after filling a notch in the end of the long pieces a short piece is glued across to make a "T"

When dry the cross bar of the "T" is filed to be flush with the leg, at this point it doesn't look like "T" anymore (see the one on its own on the right)


After drilling holes in the body to push the hand rail holder in the rail is threaded through the ends


The hand rails on the face were much easy, just bend and fit into pre drilled holes



1 comment:

Duckie. said...

Just the idea I need to put the hand rails on my Narra Boat, thanks for that,though I will be putting my plastic tubed rail straight on to the studs.


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