Friday, 3 September 2010

Its Friday !

Its been a somewhat hectic week in the land of RJR. Work wise I have teamed up with a friend for a few days to collaborate on a office remodel in the centre of Manchester. Its been quite a slog. Removing the partition walls went pretty quickly but carrying the debris out to the skip was a killer, We both had other jobs to keep on top of, so a couple of evenings were spent working else where independently.

As a consequence very little modelling has been done in the shed. But on a modelling note after some phone discussions I visited a model making company in the Manchester area this morning to look at their set up and discuss doing contract work for them, when they are busy. The meeting went well and I am excited to get involved  in the coming weeks. It will be nice to have the odd day modelling as a job, mixed in with my normal day to day full size construction work.


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