Thursday, 16 September 2010

Orange Stripe

It may not seem like a big job, but it wasn't half fiddly !!

I have applied the orange line round the top, I considered painting it but chickened out. So I stopped off at my local sign makers, and cadged an off cut of orange vinyl tape, its self adhesive and just needed cutting into 1.5mm strips.



Note that Pointing Man has turned up too !!!!



Duckie. said...

I was told the orange stripe was something to do with overhead electric wires,is that it ??

RJR said...

That's correct. The Cantrail is the joint between the roof and side walls. It is painted orange in this case to denote the safe height an operative can work up to without risk of the Overhead wires. In early electrification days I believe it was only required on electric locomotives, but now all locomotives include the warning line.


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