Friday, 15 October 2010

New Workbench

I found the bargain I had been waiting for to make my workbench from. A local DIY shop (3ways in Denton) often has bargains. Today I picked up 2 18mm tall kitchen unit sides for £3.99 each. When put together I get a 36mm worktop

So in typical builder mode I got my days work done and had an early finish. With a bit of timber to make a batten along the back wall and the side the new  "worktop" when sawn to length just fell into place.


As 90% of the time I stand to model its a a nice height which will stop me getting an bad back ! I can still slot my short workbench in at layout level if I want to sit and model.

Its nice and tidy at the moment. and I have a home for my favourite G scale stock


With the worktop in place the decision of the best type of scenic break was almost made for me, it almost looked like a freeway straight away. So four lengths of timber were cut to 4" and used as bridge supports topped with a plywood road surface.


The bridge makes a nice place to watch the trains from


All in all a successfully hour in the shed


1 comment:

Duckie. said...

Detachable scenic screen behind that truck will be nice,as you had on one of your other layouts


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