Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ditch lights

You may or may not have noticed that last nights weathering did not include any locos, thats because the plans include fitting ditch lights and i decided any mods would be easier to disguise with the weathering.

I ordered some Surface mount LEDs from Express models at the weekend and they arrived today. At first when i opened the packet, saw the resistors and then wondered were the LEDs were, all they had sent was a black plastic strip???

Then I realised that was the packing and it had six LEDs in it !!!!!!!! you may have missed the loose one in the last picture so I have circled it in red in the next picture

Solder that, "your having a giraffe!" But as you can see from the loco behind the story does have a "happy ending"

but I set to work, a tiny piece of PCB was found a cut made across the middle and the LED soldered on to to tinned blobs either side of the cut, at least I had somewhere to solder the wires now.

Resistor legs were used as LED connections and taken through the body to easier to handle wires behind.

Both were then connected to the common and the green decoder wires so they come on as function 1 (headlight is function 0)

As you can imagine its hard to decide which side of the LED is positive so it was a bit  of trial and error.

Body back together and onto the track with some grey touch up paint

Some weathering and Hoses should hide the colour mismatch in the greys and possibly some filler to square up the lamp housings.

The big moment, switch on, you would expect them to be a bit tame given the size...............

There must be a CV even on a Hornby decoder to get function output 1 to flash, but that's a job for another day


1 comment:

Duckie. said...

Hope the lights on my Narra Boat look as bright as that John, they will have to show up from a longer distance, I'm still wondering how to encase mine in the model.


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