Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dummy track (not a track for dummies)

It must be a record for me ... 5 days without a blog update... As well as being VERY cold in the shed (its currently -4 with the heater on !) I have also just not really in the mood for modelling. These urges come and go I guess.

Tonight I managed 45 mins before getting too cold and loosing interest.

I have added a new track at the front of the silos.

I have toyed with this idea for a while but couldn't work out how to connect it in to the existing plan, it seemed like too big an industry to not have its own spur. Then i realised it didn't need to be connected ..

The track serves 2 purposes

1) it is a scenic addition.

2) it doubles as a great camera track..

At some point I will build a custom camera truck with a low centre well and screw fixing to allow the camera to swivel.

in the mean time before evacuating the shed for warmer climes I did one test video.



Duckie. said...

Great idea the camera track John, is it just for on the dummy track or will it go round the layout ?? be problem with the tunnels then won't there, besides the height you would have to make the insides of the tunnels as good as the outside hey.

Duckie. said...

No it wasn't a record 5 days without blogging, but it is now with 10 days ! where are you??

RJR said...

Keeping warm,

The shed is too cold, it was -11 last night
Real Life is to busy, Christmas time always is.
Interest is low, probably because of the first two reasons I just don't have the motivation at the moment.


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