Friday, 3 December 2010


Stopped at the end of the road on the way home this dinner time


Got to come home early as I set of at 5:45 this morning to be in Liverpool for a meeting. Not sure how cold it was when I set of but the local radio station reported -10 in central Manchester our nearest city, normally it 4 - 5degrees colder here. hen my wife did the school run at 8:30 her car was reading -11

Will be happy when its all gone !


Gene said...

Looks like Montreal normally does in November...LOLOL!

Duckie. said...

Not much better in Manchester John, though the main roads are gritted the side roads are not and look like yours.

Duckie. said...

What have you got hiding in the wings to suprise us with? or can't you get to your shed yet!.


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