Sunday, 13 March 2011

Grass clumps

You may have noticed by the lack of posts that I haven't been doing much modelling recently ! Real life has kept me pretty busy and I've been spending more time messing with my other, non railway blog RJRdaydreamer.
Last night I wandered down to the shed for a bit of modelling, during the course of the week I had picked up a packet of Noch grass clumps

Individual tufts of grass. A pair of pliers and some wood glue were all that was needed to stick them down, oh and some patience as there were 70 tufts! The first picture is an overview of where most of them ended up.

I found they looked best grouped a little.

They are very soft to the touch so are pretty good between rails as they move easily out of the way of couplers or wheel flanges.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

New static page

I have been playing with new graphics for a static page on both my blogs... it is now listed here as "RJR on the internet". It looks like this...

Description Description
Description Description



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