Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Project

Exciting new project breaking out..... As the winter starts to set in we anticipate missing more days out at the lake sailing and so I have took the bull by the horns and set plans in motion to build a boat of my own. This will of coarse draw on the acquired knowledge of Dad and his club friends. Although pretty confident at scratch building I have currently a very limited knowledge of floating transport!!

Now a normal person my start with a kit or a small boat, Not me. I have always liked the larger scales. So I plan to make a large scale (1:6) small boat.

Here are some pictures of the planned prototype.. It is a Westral Chief


Now when I say Scratch build, I am cheating and purchasing a hull that I have found on Ebay that matches the proportions pretty well. I have paid £45 for it from a seller called Seabreazemodelboats


Its hard to determine its size from the pictures as I don't know how tall the lady is, but the dimensions are 43" x 14"

Although the dimensions give pretty good proportions of length to beam (the prototype is is 24') I realise the shape may not be spot on. That of course fits my general modelling standards... near enough is good enough !

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Models ... but boats !

Its been a while since I did any model making, and even longer since I posted anything on this blog. I have been blogging in other forms. Just not here !

After a long summer and lots of Hospital visiting my mum passed away in October. This has resulted in my Dad and I spending more time together. It seemed a natural thing to find a way to share our mutual interest in model making. To that end I have taken a few tentative steps back into the shed and more tentative steps into the world of R/C model boats.

To start I have taken on responsibility for one of the beautiful 1:50 scale boats he has made. in order to add a little personality of my own to it, I have been working on a new payload... A shipment of Railway stock !

I am now a member of the Etherow Model Boat Club and we have spent the last few Saturdays together sailing. The other boat in the video is the one he chose to sail for the day, again built by him


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