Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Project

Exciting new project breaking out..... As the winter starts to set in we anticipate missing more days out at the lake sailing and so I have took the bull by the horns and set plans in motion to build a boat of my own. This will of coarse draw on the acquired knowledge of Dad and his club friends. Although pretty confident at scratch building I have currently a very limited knowledge of floating transport!!

Now a normal person my start with a kit or a small boat, Not me. I have always liked the larger scales. So I plan to make a large scale (1:6) small boat.

Here are some pictures of the planned prototype.. It is a Westral Chief


Now when I say Scratch build, I am cheating and purchasing a hull that I have found on Ebay that matches the proportions pretty well. I have paid £45 for it from a seller called Seabreazemodelboats


Its hard to determine its size from the pictures as I don't know how tall the lady is, but the dimensions are 43" x 14"

Although the dimensions give pretty good proportions of length to beam (the prototype is is 24') I realise the shape may not be spot on. That of course fits my general modelling standards... near enough is good enough !


Anonymous said...

Hello John
Your hull looks as though it has a blunt nose, whereas, the full size is quite sharp!

Were you aware of this?
Your blog would do better on "Modelboats"


Phil Parker said...

I'd agree about the front of the hull shape. However, if you were to say "inspired by Westral Chief" then go ahead and build it anyway. The details are very copyable and could easily be applied to the hull you have. In fact, I'd suggest that very few people will ever know you had freelanced the model.

And buying a GRP hull isn't cheating. Only people who have never made a boat say that, the rest of us know that there's still a lot of work to fit that tub out !

RJR said...

Thanks for both your comments. I have always been happier to be "inspired by" than count rivets so had already accepted the inaccuracies based on the fact the general proportions were correct.
Bob I will go hunt out "model boats" more to learn than share! I've not done anything worth sharing yet!

Anonymous said...


This is the forum to post your bild in...



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