Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Big Day

No Not Christmas that's tomorrow...... The maiden Voyage ! Dad was on hand with his camera and got carried away taking pictures, perhaps he thought we would never see it again !!!

Bobs donated wheel !

Under seat servo

Deck Covers

Ready to go

Hull Profile

Rear view

The working end

Power and steering
The Video !!!!!!!

To be honest it went as well as I had hoped, no leaks, easy to control and plenty of power without heating the motors... All in all a good result.


Duckie. said...

Certainly looked good , the block of white will look differant when you get all the Bitz N Bobz on and the deck clutter will bring out your modelling skills I'm sure!.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, John!

So much for the Knowalls and Doubting Thomas's!
Now you can go to town with the funmaking detail

Merry Christmas!

Bob Thomas

RJR said...

thanks Bob :)


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