Sunday, 18 December 2011


After Dads visit for dinner, we had some boat time. I had him check over the drive shafts as one was running a bit noisier than the other, turns out I had the slip collar to close to the end of the outer prop shaft . 

As the picture shows the electrickery  is in place. The power on / off switch is to the top right of the picture. A thermal cut out can be seen behind the battery. The receiver is velcro fastened to the underside of the cross bar just in front of the battery. Finally the two speed controllers are mounted just inboard of the motors themselves.

This evening I stripped the prop shafts down and filed flats on them so that the grub screws in the universal joints had something to secure too. On reassembly, I made sure they were well lubricated and they are both running sweetly now.

1 comment:

Duckie. said...

Looking good, need some filler on those inside hull walls now, best to cover up the Electrics and motors whilst doing that.


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