Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Motor and stability Tests

Having added a removable roof and made a couple of deck covers it was back in the bath. The model is still around 1.4 Kg lighter than planned, which is good as there is more plastic to add. The aim is to make the construction about another 0.7Kg which will allow me to add some lead into the bottom of the hull. Stability seems pretty good as it is quite wide. As the video shows even adding all the excess ballast to one side, leaves the boat listing but stable. Although the wheelhouse is tall it is light.

Power wise the twin motors give out quite a bit of thrust, when the bow is not pressed up the to the bath, the boat takes quite a bit of holding back. Obviously a better feel for power to weight ratio will come from a test on the open water. I did find if I held the boat back on full throttle, it caused the thermal breaker to trip.

Length wise, the boat is more or less the same size as my Dads Aziz and has the same size props and similar motors. My hull however is an inch or so wider. We have also weighed the Aziz, which is how we arrived at the target weight I am working towards with my build (6.5Kg without the battery). The biggest difference is the height.

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