Thursday, 15 December 2011


Last year when I was building 1:24 scale trains I had a figure that appeared in many of the pictures. He bacame known as "pointing man" and gained quite a following on some Railway related forums. He can be seen doing his thing in this POST. I would like to introduce you to his larger counterpart, who has of yet has not got a name. For the purpose of demonstrating scale he will probably be seen quite a few times as my boat build progress's. He is an Action Man, acquired from ebay for about £2 and stands roughly 12" (30cm) tall.

As the picture shows things have moved on since the last post. Motors, props and rudders are mounted, and the two main deck areas are cut, the front one is fixed in place. Much of the equipment has come from my Dads "spares box" and some, like the rudders, have been donated by a very generous Bob. (thanks)

On a slightly different note I attended the AGM of Etherow Model Boat Club last night. Thanks to those involved who have named a new Trophy for" the best static model or diorama" in memory of my Mum The Velda Teal Trophy. Mum had been an active member of the club, serving as the general secretary and chief landing stage gardener.

Dad also had some honours, winning the Shield for the years best kit built boat, for his Oil Rig supply ship Aziz


Peter Teal (left) receives award.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Duckie......A fine model indeed

The new trophy is a fitting tribute to dear Velda

Well done, John.....Errrr, the motors look a trifle small, eh?
The ducks will be pleased!


Duckie. said...

Lets see a cleared picture of those props and kort fittings john


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