Friday, 16 December 2011

Wheel house

I had to stay at home this morning as CSL were booked in to come and make repairs to our sofa. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I cracked on with the wheelhouse that I started yesterday tea time.

The first 2 pictures were taken about 7pm yesterday. They show the lower half of the structure in position. Note the little guy now now has his own tool kit (£2 Ebay) I take help where I can get it !!

Then after some more cutting and sticking some more pictures this dinner time.. 

The plan is the structure will be fixed in with a removable roof and access panel in the floor.

Next I found a servo in the shed and sorted the rudder controls out, along with fitting the receiver (£12 New off Ebay) and the one speed controller I have. 
After binding the receiver to the transmitter the one motor and rudders were tested and worked well.

Having never built a boat before and as this is a "make it up as you go along" design I am very concious this has to float when its finished!! So a test of levels and weights in the bath was called for. I am happy to report that the boat sits level to its intended waterline. Still a little heigh but as its not finished yet that is to be expected. In the picture below the water can just be seen sitting below the bottom pen line. The upper pen line being the deck level. 

I then used my scientific method of calculating how much more weight could be added. As can be seen 1.5 litres of water at the front and 0.5 Litres at the back bring the boat to its intended water line which gives me 1.5kg and 0.5kg of model/ballast to add.

This last picture gives quite an impression of the size, as it floats in my bath tub.

While it was in the bath I hooked up the battery, the leads need to be longer for it to sit in its right place as the above picture.


Phil Parker said...

Rather than ballast, I'd stick a second battery in. Might as well make the weight work for a living !

RJR said...

Will bare that in mind, I need to see how much more weight the model adds yet though! Its surprised me how quickly the plasti card adds up, mind you in this scale there are a few sheets in even a small item!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how quickly you are getting on with your build, don't forget its harder to paint it when its all finished!


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