Monday, 19 November 2012

Maggie M Nets

The previous Maggie M post have been retrospective, from now on they are current.
Last week I took Maggie to the Etherow Model Boat Club meeting, it was the annual building competition  and I thought I'd enter her for a bit of fun. I don't think she will win anything, having seen the standard, but you never know.

I had hoped that I would get an evening to do some detailing before the judging, but it didn't happen. I did however get a couple of hours over the weekend. As the picture above shows Maggie now has nets !!


The string of buoys in the first picture are retaining chains from the bottom of vertical blinds, clips trimmed and painted yellow and orange.

I also added fixed and flexible piping to the Powerblock

Some of the rigging on the mast and boom

Its a shame these bits weren't done before judging but that's what happens when life gets in the way of modeling.

Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M maiden Voyage

Not 100% complete but close enough to take her maiden voyage at Etherow Model Boat Club

Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M Final bath Test

 Its always a good idea to double check something floats before putting it out of reach on a lake. The final float test found no leaks ( I greased the prop this time) I had to make a couple of minor adjustments by adding a touch more lead to one side. She is ready to sail.

Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M Bits and Bobs

Out door shots always give better results !

Not sure what these little side rollers do, but I do know that I had to cut out a section of hand rail as I had the 2nd and 3rd rail going straight across in error! 

Ladders and associated roof handrails added and painted

Main hatch handrails, one set fixed to the main deck, the other fall into the removable hatch that provides access to the battery.

Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M trawl board rigging

In a previous post about the trawl boards, I mentioned that finding out about rigging them proved a challenge. Fortunately a fellow forum member on Model Boat Mayhem came to my rescue providing sketches and descriptions of how they should be done. He was a former Trawler Skipper which came in handy. The cable runs from the below deck winches out of the gantry, through the black pulley and to a 3 point chain rig on the back of the trawl doors. On the outside of the trawl doors a 3 point chain rig then feed round the aft of the boat awaiting connection to the nets.
The doors are lashed to the side of the boat while not in use.



The lifeboat canisters, were also added, The printed instruction and strapping on the canisters was not part of the kit. The printed items were scaled down from real images found on google. The straps are yellow and silver vinyl tape.


Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M Handrails

Of all the comstruction, I dreaded the handrails the most ! I would like to say they fell together in the end, byt they didn't. The picture above shows them finished but it was a challenge to get to that point.

Once the deck was drilled for every stanchion, every length of wire had to be individually bent and cut to fit between them. Then they had to be glued in keeping everything straight. After they had 4 - 5 coats of white paint applied by brush, rust coloured paint was strategically added. 


Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M boyance test

At some point you have to put a boat in water and ballast it ! That day came and was a doddle. With the 1.8Kg 6v battery in I needed to add around 4Kg of lead to get her to sit right. I had forgotten to grease the prop shaft so I did have a small amount of water seep in, other than that no leaks ! 

Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M Powerblock

At first glance I assumed the Power block was a pretty standard HIAB type affair. After some research I realised that it actually has a large motorized pulley on its head (hence the name) the purpose is to spool nets and ropes.

The power block was completed on a sunny day so I took the chance to get some pictures in the natural light


Part of the Maggie M build log

Maggie M Mast

The mast and booms were not something I looked forward to doing. Most of the construction is from wooden dowel and steel wire. Everything had to be cut to size and glued together in and drilled into the deck. In the end it turned out easier than expected. 


At this point the anchor and winches were also added, along with the trawl door pulleys.


Part of the Maggie M build log

Trawl Boards

The trawl boards are made from plastic sheet and painted to look rusty. 
Their purpose is to be dragged behind the boat in the net line, their shape causing the port and starboard net lines to fan apart spreading the net

At this point I have also started to add rust around the boat.

During the build the trawl boards or rather information about how they are rigged became a challenge, future posts will reveal more

Part of the Maggie M build log


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