Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Swim Platform

This evening I have been working on the rear end off the boat. Along with fishing the boat will also be running diving charters, as such a swim platform has been fitted. It has been in my mind from  the beginning.

Others items done in spare moments during the week... radio antennas

Rope anchor points ..

and a Maplin battery bubble pack converted into a box, simply by painting in white..

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Today's efforts involved fitting hand rails around the upper deck. They are made from aluminium bar bent to shape and slotted into aluminium tube fixed into the deck.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Deck Steps

I have been putting of the joint between the removable wheelhouse , the deck and the deck wall. It comprises of some interesting curves and needs to be removable in order to take the wheelhouse out for maintenance.

As it happens it was a lot easier than I expected, which is often the case with things we delay !

Above how it looked at the start of the evening

This second picture shows the new panel with steps attached, slotted into place. Made a GOOD fit it stays firmly in place without any fasteners.

The steps with the checker plate picked out in silver.

This last picture shows the rope lashing bar, along the inside of the deck wall, I assume both of these items have technical names ! The steps of course are mirrored on the other side.

Painted Deck

After much thought I decided that the deck area would be painted light grey, partly to make it look a bit bigger  and also to avoid having to many vivid colours. Then I realised primer with a coat of clear gloss lacquer was about the right shade. (B&Q rattle can)

Once dry the checker plate was brush painted with silver.

The next job was a bit more fiddly. The action man air tanks looked a bit plastic in their original grey, so as the picture above reveals the first step was a coat of yellow, then silver on the valve.

The yellow and silver were then finished with black and white quarters around the top..

The last job of the evening was making fish hooks and threading the rods with some fishing line. The next picture is not very clear as the light wasn't good enough to get a good close up, but you get the idea if you look close.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Painting the hull

Normally Saturday is sailing day with Dad but with a list of places to be at and three children to be ferried to various locations too it was not meant to be. One of the plus sides of being away from the lake was some time to get some painting done. Rattle cans are the ideal pass time on a busy day as between taxi driving and household cleaning an occasional coat can be added.

I had already added a coat of red oxide primer on Friday teatime so the first ten minute job for Saturday was masking off below the water line. A first dusting of blue was followed by cleaning the living room. Not that I had been sprayinng in there! It was just one of my assigned chores. After cleaning duties it was back out onto the driveway to apply some more blue. With the hull brought inside to keep warm it was off to netball with the youngest. On returning the hull was treated to several light coats of Halfords clear lacquer, punctuated with more household tasks. The last boat job to be done was later in the day after a family get together for my nephews baptism. On returning home the hull was nice and warm in the conservatory which allowed me to apply the white vinyl line. I remember the days when every car spares shop sold vinyl go faster stripes to put on your Cortina. Not now, I finally tracked some down in a car shop. He had a couple of roles in a box in the back of the store room.


Sunday, 8 January 2012


Thoughts invited... Dad and I are sat discussing colour schemes and decided to mock up our top 3 choices.. Any thoughts ??? 

Gone Fishing

This is the fun bit of modelling adding details ! Yesterday I spent a couple of hours making various deck items,  there was a fair bit of looking on the tinternet for ideas to copy and merge together. As is the case with "inspired by" models the end result is an amalgamation of several realities.

First up a better rack for the rods, incorporated onto a deck box.

No Padlocks yet but they will be after the painting stage !

"I think we are going to need a bigger boat!" a sea fishing chair, with rod stirrup, I am told there are big fish at Etherow !!

It bothered me that the chair would make the idea of the deck hatches redundant as it would be in the way of them opening, so its base is a simulated hinge. So the little folk can swing it forward to open the large deck hatches. Of course in reality neither open but its the thought that counts..

The chair actually swivels so he can be posed fishing off the back or either side.

This rear view shows the deck beginning to fill a little. A double oxygen cylinder (unpainted) can just be seen by the wheel house door, giving away the little guys other hobby. There will probably be a short swim platform added at the back over the rudders to help with the diving charters..

I am quite pleased with the Radar dome the letter that Dad had in his draw were pretty much spot on for colour and size.

The shot above and below show that the white satin on the wheelhouse has had its extra coats and now looks pretty solid. I am also pleased with how the glazing has worked, it still slots in and out but is a good enough fit to stay put. No glue marks or paint on the glass!

A final rear view.

I think the next thing to tackle is tidy up the filler round the prop shafts a little and get some paint on the hull. I'm decided on red oxide below the water line but cant decide on red, blue or green above the water line. and have no thoughts on the deck colour yet. 

Friday, 6 January 2012


A little painting tonight, on the radar dome and the fishing rods...


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bits and Bobs

Everyone has parts of modelling that they enjoy the most. For me its all about the details and bits.. So early evening today, I converted a few house hold objects into boat parts..

First up. a Furuno Radar dome was constructed from guess what..



In case you can't spot the objects, the bronze coloured top is a Nescafe coffee lid and the grey underside is the plastic top from a can of B&Q primer.

Next up 5 bamboo skewers, a bit of wire and some plastic tube makes.. Fishing rods in a rack.

The reels are from Bobs Bitz :)


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