Sunday, 8 January 2012

Gone Fishing

This is the fun bit of modelling adding details ! Yesterday I spent a couple of hours making various deck items,  there was a fair bit of looking on the tinternet for ideas to copy and merge together. As is the case with "inspired by" models the end result is an amalgamation of several realities.

First up a better rack for the rods, incorporated onto a deck box.

No Padlocks yet but they will be after the painting stage !

"I think we are going to need a bigger boat!" a sea fishing chair, with rod stirrup, I am told there are big fish at Etherow !!

It bothered me that the chair would make the idea of the deck hatches redundant as it would be in the way of them opening, so its base is a simulated hinge. So the little folk can swing it forward to open the large deck hatches. Of course in reality neither open but its the thought that counts..

The chair actually swivels so he can be posed fishing off the back or either side.

This rear view shows the deck beginning to fill a little. A double oxygen cylinder (unpainted) can just be seen by the wheel house door, giving away the little guys other hobby. There will probably be a short swim platform added at the back over the rudders to help with the diving charters..

I am quite pleased with the Radar dome the letter that Dad had in his draw were pretty much spot on for colour and size.

The shot above and below show that the white satin on the wheelhouse has had its extra coats and now looks pretty solid. I am also pleased with how the glazing has worked, it still slots in and out but is a good enough fit to stay put. No glue marks or paint on the glass!

A final rear view.

I think the next thing to tackle is tidy up the filler round the prop shafts a little and get some paint on the hull. I'm decided on red oxide below the water line but cant decide on red, blue or green above the water line. and have no thoughts on the deck colour yet. 

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Duckie. said...

Filling up now John, as you say you will need a bigger boat for all your ideas, cracking job for your first build!


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