Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Today's post sees the landmark of some first coats of paint being applied. First job was to slide the windows out and apply a good coat of B&Q grey primer inside and out of the wheelhouse early this morning. When dry some cardboard was slid into the window slots to protect the inside.

With the wheelhouse separated from the hull again this evening, it was back into the garage and a coat of the following applied 

Satin white B&Q Polycoat to the wheelhouse.
Halford's Silver to the window frame inserts
B&Q Satin Red Polycoat to the roof. 

It's not very warm in the garage, even with a fan heater on, but I find using Mrs RJR's hair dryer speeds up the drying process to at least make things dry enough to gently handle.

It was put back together for the photos, but has now been taken back apart and left to harden fully in the conservatory for a couple of days, just to make sure the painted surfaces don't stick together. When fully cured I will give it all a light rub with wet and dry and then give a second light coat of each colour.

From the photos it doesn't seem like it was worth undercoating and painting the white plastic white ! But in the flesh it looks a lot more solid than it did and the plastic is no longer see through. The second coat will of course improve it no end.

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Duckie. said...

Looking better already, is that going to be the final colour scheme?


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