Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Painted Deck

After much thought I decided that the deck area would be painted light grey, partly to make it look a bit bigger  and also to avoid having to many vivid colours. Then I realised primer with a coat of clear gloss lacquer was about the right shade. (B&Q rattle can)

Once dry the checker plate was brush painted with silver.

The next job was a bit more fiddly. The action man air tanks looked a bit plastic in their original grey, so as the picture above reveals the first step was a coat of yellow, then silver on the valve.

The yellow and silver were then finished with black and white quarters around the top..

The last job of the evening was making fish hooks and threading the rods with some fishing line. The next picture is not very clear as the light wasn't good enough to get a good close up, but you get the idea if you look close.

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