Monday, 2 January 2012

Wheelhouse update

Although I haven't blogged for a few days, I have been cutting and sticking on the boat.  She even got out on the water at Etherow Model Boat Clubs day after Boxing Day, Frostbite event.

Here are some shots taken lots nights to document progress.

The Wheelhouse is looking a little less like a flat box, the plywood rear deck is now covered with plasticard that has planks scored in and the inside of the deck walls have been plastic lined. These also have vertical ribs added and a tubular top cap along the top of the hull side.

The wheelhouse door has had its hinges fitted (barrel hinges made from two sizes of plastic tube) A locker built next to the door within the wind guards and roof rails for what will be the radar.

The two previous pictures are close ups of the rear door.

The roof bars are plastic tubing and what will be the radar dome is a Nescafe coffee lid.

From the front the new checker plate can be seen and also the window details with glazing

Close up of the window frames and glass (plastic) Just in case anyone was thinking I have made a rod for my own back glazing before painting... I hate fitting glazing so this time came up with a plan...

There is a 20thou rebate and the glass slide out from inside, this will allow for painting! It will also let me slide some cardboard into the window slots to spray the inside and outside different colours without too much masking :)

The build will slow down now the holidays have come to an end and "normal" life resume but watch this space.


Duckie. said...

Looking good John,there again I'm biased, will get Bob to look,if he hasn't already!.

pph sports betting said...

I visit more often for updates, keep up the great work!


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