Saturday, 25 February 2012

Fishing on the Lake

For the first time in a while Dad and I braved the weather and went to the lake, we did take some video footage but you won't see that till tomorrow.

Here are some stills...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fishing man and a kitchen

First up, the last few days have seen the construction of a galley and some storage space. This is all done from plasticard, with some action man cutlery.



To best illustrate the next item is a video. The fisherman was crying out to be animated, so here he is. Today has also seen my eviction from the conservatory, so the video includes a tour of my shed which will be by modelling home until next winter.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Navigation screen

Checking my camera tonight I realised I had done some additions a week or so ago and not blogged them.. To go with the Furuno dome on the roof we know have a display screen to find our way around and hopefully locate some big fish...

View through the window

This is made as always from plastic but the front face is a downloaded picture of the real thing, scaled, printed then stuck on. The screen section is stuck further back and finally some button stuck on the front of the picture to add more 3D depth.

Some pictures of the fish after painting.

The unpainted Milliput Life Buoy

Old unpublished pictures out of the way, tonight's fun... brackets to keep the harpoon gun safe, a coat hook and coat

Finally padlock to keep things secure :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Life Buoy

I have spent ages trying to find something the right size to make into a life buoy, in the end I gave up looking and decided to make one from Milliput.. Rolled then wrapped into a ring. 

Of course if you have a life buoy you need a holder, made from plasticard 
and some 15mm plastic water pipe.

It looks better painted and fitted to the wheelhouse.

With the life buoy slotted in..

I came across some resin fish on ebay for £2 they just needed painting when they arrived. Then I made a tray for them for from some plasticard offcuts, painted blue.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buoys and cans

Today's post is about bits ..

First up the cooler. Starting point is the bottom half of the disposable packaging that Maplin sells AAA batteries in. This is painted white and then a false bottom of clear plastic stuck in half way up

Next step a pen lid is cut to 3 lengths and thin plastic solvent welded on one end, trimmed then repeated at the other end creating a closed cylinder.

The ends are painted silver and a logo for CocaCola found on Google and printed off in the form of a strip that will wrap around the plastic tubes.

Small clear plastic bit,s donated by a neighbour, are then mixed with clear gloss lacquer and placed in and left to set. refreshments are now served  

Next up Buoys and a holding cage. The cage is made by folding up a sheet of car body repair mesh.

A plastic bead necklace, donated by my daughter is then split and painted red.

The beads are modified with Milliput to create the eyelet

Once the Milliput is set (or nearly) it is painted black and a thin coat of orange applied over most of the red

Acrylic paint dries really quick so they can soon be stored away. In the future they will get a coat of satin or gloss lacquer to finish them off.

They will look all right at 30' when its out on the water !


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