Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buoys and cans

Today's post is about bits ..

First up the cooler. Starting point is the bottom half of the disposable packaging that Maplin sells AAA batteries in. This is painted white and then a false bottom of clear plastic stuck in half way up

Next step a pen lid is cut to 3 lengths and thin plastic solvent welded on one end, trimmed then repeated at the other end creating a closed cylinder.

The ends are painted silver and a logo for CocaCola found on Google and printed off in the form of a strip that will wrap around the plastic tubes.

Small clear plastic bit,s donated by a neighbour, are then mixed with clear gloss lacquer and placed in and left to set. refreshments are now served  

Next up Buoys and a holding cage. The cage is made by folding up a sheet of car body repair mesh.

A plastic bead necklace, donated by my daughter is then split and painted red.

The beads are modified with Milliput to create the eyelet

Once the Milliput is set (or nearly) it is painted black and a thin coat of orange applied over most of the red

Acrylic paint dries really quick so they can soon be stored away. In the future they will get a coat of satin or gloss lacquer to finish them off.

They will look all right at 30' when its out on the water !


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!!
Wonderful fine detail
It' nice to see nicely finished detail made from everyday objects

The Coke tins in ice is really splendid


Duckie. said...

That's just what Charlie Ricardo used to say "I'll look alright from 30ft away on the water", but your stuff looks great from close up too John.

Kalpesh said...

Nice post!! I was fond of this post. I am thankful to get this post when i was searching for railing


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