Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Navigation screen

Checking my camera tonight I realised I had done some additions a week or so ago and not blogged them.. To go with the Furuno dome on the roof we know have a display screen to find our way around and hopefully locate some big fish...

View through the window

This is made as always from plastic but the front face is a downloaded picture of the real thing, scaled, printed then stuck on. The screen section is stuck further back and finally some button stuck on the front of the picture to add more 3D depth.

Some pictures of the fish after painting.

The unpainted Milliput Life Buoy

Old unpublished pictures out of the way, tonight's fun... brackets to keep the harpoon gun safe, a coat hook and coat

Finally padlock to keep things secure :)


Duckie. said...

Is it the booze that's locked away?

Anonymous said...

Excellent attention to detail
The locks are little gems!



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