Sunday, 18 November 2012

Maggie M first paint

The next stage of construction really requires a dry day, even better if its warm and sunny. As my indoor modelling space is an 8' x 6' shed spraying is very much an outdoor activity. My paint of choice is normally Plasticote bought from B&Q I find it covers well and drys quickly. The following set of pictures were taken over a couple of days. 

The hatches were sprayed separately. The hatch shown to the rear right is the one I cut in  little myself, as it sits on a curved section of the deck I had to come up with a way for it to remain flush to the deck when fitted. After a little thought I came up with sliding latches on the underside of the hatch. I can get a finger in through the center cut out and slide the latches into a locked position.

Once the underside of the hull was dry it could be turned over and the upper side primed

While paint dries it is always good to have another job to get on with, 
in this case I made up the wheelhouse roof. 


In another departure from the plans I made it so it slides on and of from the front. This allows access to the interior for detailing painting and display purposes.

On a second session, once the grey primer was dry the Red oxide colour was added to a masked up hull


Then mask and paint white...

Then mask and paint green...

Part of the Maggie M build log

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