Monday, 19 November 2012

Maggie M Nets

The previous Maggie M post have been retrospective, from now on they are current.
Last week I took Maggie to the Etherow Model Boat Club meeting, it was the annual building competition  and I thought I'd enter her for a bit of fun. I don't think she will win anything, having seen the standard, but you never know.

I had hoped that I would get an evening to do some detailing before the judging, but it didn't happen. I did however get a couple of hours over the weekend. As the picture above shows Maggie now has nets !!


The string of buoys in the first picture are retaining chains from the bottom of vertical blinds, clips trimmed and painted yellow and orange.

I also added fixed and flexible piping to the Powerblock

Some of the rigging on the mast and boom

Its a shame these bits weren't done before judging but that's what happens when life gets in the way of modeling.

Part of the Maggie M build log


Duckie. said...

A shame as you say but family always should come first hey
Its worth a prize in my book anyway but there again I might be a bit biased,but has anyone seen any of the other entrants on the water I haven't, but you have been on the water and the video to prove it, see Youtube!!
Well done for a great first kit build.

Bob said...

Well done on Maggie M. Nice looking kit and a great job building it.


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