Monday, 19 November 2012

Maggie M top coat and Electrics

 Some of the scrap plastic from the kit was used to construct a battery tray that would be stuck into the bottom of the hull beneath the forward hatch. It was constructed to be a snug fit, allowing the battery to be lifted in and out but tight enough to prevent it sliding around

A wiring harness is easy to solder up outside the boat, a simple circuit that includes the motor, battery, speed controller and receiver. At this point the receiver is also bonded to the transmitter

A fiddly job is applying the thin vinyl tape to the hull in yellow and white. Like the paint this is not included in the kit. I have found after a bit of trial and error the most effective way of applying these stripes is to heat them with a hair dryer as you go. This not only makes the glue stick more effectively, it also softens the tape making it follow contours much better.

I find better success using matt colours. The white for example is primer not top coat, it covers better due a higher pigment content. Once all the colours are on, a satin lacquer gives a uniform sheen.

Part of the Maggie M build log

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