Monday, 19 November 2012

Maggie M trawl board rigging

In a previous post about the trawl boards, I mentioned that finding out about rigging them proved a challenge. Fortunately a fellow forum member on Model Boat Mayhem came to my rescue providing sketches and descriptions of how they should be done. He was a former Trawler Skipper which came in handy. The cable runs from the below deck winches out of the gantry, through the black pulley and to a 3 point chain rig on the back of the trawl doors. On the outside of the trawl doors a 3 point chain rig then feed round the aft of the boat awaiting connection to the nets.
The doors are lashed to the side of the boat while not in use.



The lifeboat canisters, were also added, The printed instruction and strapping on the canisters was not part of the kit. The printed items were scaled down from real images found on google. The straps are yellow and silver vinyl tape.


Part of the Maggie M build log

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