Sunday, 18 November 2012

Maggie M Wheelhouse

The next stage in construction was the above deck structures. Namely the wheelhouse, port and starboard gantry and deck hatches. The net drums were also assembled but not fixed to the deck for ease of painting.

Most of these items are made from plastic sheets. The kit comes with the parts semi machined out of the sheets and it is an easy job to score the rest of the way through to release the parts.

I did have a little difficulty assembling the wheel house as some of the views in the instructions contradict themselves as to which face overlaps which at the corners. It only took a couple of dry runs to work it out though.

This stage also includes a few supplied white metal details.





The M motif on the bow is cut and filed from a printed sheet of styrene and the glued on to the fibre glass hull

Part of the Maggie M build log

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