Saturday, 27 April 2013

Back to Trains

After a spring clean of the shed I have dug out a part complete 45mm layout. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will get some spare time to get back into railway modelling.

Above is a view looking from the center of the layout to the left, Below is from the same vantage point down to the right and under the bridge to a hidden sector plate.

In front of the hidden sector plate is a small visible siding

This view gives an idea of size, the line running round the top of the shed is OO (1:76scale)


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Looking forward to your new projects


ps.......Jessie is a lovely lively dog!

Bob Abell

Duckie. said...

Looking forward to your new idea's on your layout.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, John
Time for a bigger shed.....or extension?


Anonymous said...

How about a box tunnel from one shed to the other with a hinged transparent wall?



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