Saturday, 11 May 2013

Big Track Ballasting

Posted ImageWith a bit of spare time I decided to tackle ballasting the second base board half. I have been using what woodland scenics, describe as "Fine"

When its this big there is no point messing with an eyedropper.. So its get a half full bottle of PVA and top it up with water and a dash of Fairy Liquid

Posted Image

Prior to ballasting I had decided to reduce the amount of track in front of the fiddle yard, so the point work has gone and its a single line siding now.It just needs extending a little as I ran out of track.

Posted Image

Under the footbridge the ballasting extends up to the traverser

Posted Image

Look who is back !! Pointing Man is home from his ship building holidays. "Too much PVA here mate !"

Posted Image

Thought I would take a gratuitous 25 picture 

Posted Image

The suburban is too big for inside !

Posted Image

More updates to follow 

1 comment:

Duckie. said...

Nice to see you back at your trains, looking forward to your future building efforts.


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