Sunday, 2 April 2017

Spring 2017

With the sunshine and a New Year comes a renewed interest in Garden Railways.

Towards the tail end of March 201, I have been tidying the garden and correcting minor track issues, caused by a very wet winter. New plants have also been added. For the first year the garden is as important as the trains running through it.

Keeping a even covering on the lawn continues to be a challenge. Partly because it has been so waterlogged over the winter, and partly because the dogs wee on it ! 
Yet again I have applied a mix of fresh topsoil and grass seed, I'm confident it will sprout soon ?!

With the help of advice from members of a Facebook gardening group (Gardening UK) I have chosen and planted various plants along the railway. It was hard, but I resisted the temptation to plant to close together. They will grow !

I also took the decision to dispose of an eight foot indoor G-Scale layout to make some room in the shed. This has provided me with a few buildings and structures to now seal with lacquer and position in the garden. The buildings are mainly scratch built from plasticard so should weather well.

Over the past few winters the Playmobil plastic track has survived really well. The only problems this year were, in relation to the track going onto and coming off the decking at the bottom of the garden. This resulted in having to tweek the deck section of the track, to close up a 5mm gap.

Laying the track on 2" of dry Postfix and then watering in, continues to provide a long lasting track bed. Over the winter the concrete has weathered nicely too.


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