At my last birthday I celebrated reaching the grand old age of 46. I can't say that every minute of those 46 years has been perfect but I certainly am not complaining. Im married to a wonderful friend and have 3 great kids nicely spaced in age between 16 and 20 (2 girls 1 boy)

This blog is a neat way of keeping all my model making posts in one place and is a spin off from my main blog RJRdaydreamer.

After serving a technician apprenticeship for GEC Distribution Switchgear I came out of my time as a Design Draughtsman, way back then computers were in their infancy and I was part of a team that implemented the first CAD system into the company. The vast temperature controlled room that had emergency Halon Fire extinguishers held a mainframe that my current laptop probably rivals in computing power.

At collage they always told us that if you learn and master engineering principals you can do anything and I have found that to be true in my work life, Most of my formative working years were spent in an array of jobs mainly in the Aircraft tooling and Pattern making industries in management roles. These jobs gave me further insight into skills and techniques of tooling and material uses.

About 10 years ago, I took a complete change and turned my hobby of DIY into what is now a successful property maintenance and improvement business. (see here) I am very content being my own boss and find that now the joint income of my Physiotherapist wife and I means we enjoy a comfortable life.

Outside work and Hobbies, as a family we are all involved in our chosen faith as Latter Day Saints (Mormons) which gives us a chance to grow in yet more ways. I teach a mid weekly scripture class to a group of 20-30 University students and a daily early morning scripture class to teenagers 14-18

Model making fits in when time permits, as my Wife has a church responsibility for a group of girls from 8 local chapels, most model making gets done when she is out and about fulfilling her assignments.

In October 2011 my mum past away and as a way to spend more time with my Dad I started building model boats too, which is his hobby of choice


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