Best Pics

Just as I don't claim to be a railway expert, Im certainly not an expert photographer, but over the years the law of averages says if you take enough pictures you will get a couple of good ones !

Here are some of the better ones...

The blog header is a Bachmann 37 on a scratch built viaduct inspired by Glenfinnan. This picture was taken up on Saddleworth moor to get the background and lighting

Everyone has 15 minutes of fame and I think Mossley Terrace was mine, it caught a following on several forums and has been to a few exhibitions now. The Rolling stock is Bachmann again with heavily detailed Metcalfe card kits for the terrace housing.

Mossley was also used by Model Rail when the 153 was released

Next an earlier model, in fact the first "in shed" layout Springhead Junction, this time lots of Scalescenes download were used for the walls.

Next up a dock scene from a layout I hoped to exhibit but never did again at the time I was using lots of scalescenes.

The over ridding theme is the better the light the better the picture so I prefer taking picture outside now !

The one above I like, perhaps just because its a 37 ?

Having said I like daylight the picture above is a night shot, I liked the water puddles (varnish) spilt from the water tower. I also like the glint of light you can get off the rail tops as below..

A pretty recent picture next, in fact its from a blog entry dated 07/05/2010

Im sure as time goes on I will add more pictures to this page, but till then there are hundreds to see on my photobucket site here


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